Event Technology Continues to Evolve at Alarming Rates

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“Board” of Education – A Return to Basics

Technology continues to evolve at alarming rates. From social media integration to mobile marketing – everything seems to revolve around burgeoning technologies and digital platforms. No truer is this then when it comes to schools, which have long allowed students to use devices for homework, studying, and even submitting assignments. Whether for pre-K or high school, this trend continues to soar in global popularity. However, some learning institutions are now bringing back basic exercises and board games to help students avoid computer dependencies. In fact, one elementary school in Harrisburg has launched a range of events based around traditional learning at grassroots levels. According to teacher Mike Daniels, “a return to board games helps illuminate the minds of students – while helping to reinforce natural problem solving skills and techniques.”

The Board Initiative

From “Chutes and Ladders” to chess, more schools are seeing a resurgence in board games, puzzles, jumbles, and other activities for younger students. These students are aware of the technological domination, however, have not been swept into a world of megabytes and social media posts yet. By introducing classic board games at student events and playtime, children have access to hours of educational and non-stop entertainment. They no longer have to rely on computers and wireless devices for video games and apps – that simply clog the brain with excessive stimuli and stagnating visuals. While educational board games are nothing new, pre-school and kindergarten classes are reaping the benefits of traditional learning in this new and fast-paced digital environment.

Board Games Events

Many schools across the nation are now holding board games events for children and parents. These are taking place across several grade levels, and are a pivotal way for parents to help connect with their kids across the board. While there are competitions held, students learn more about problem solving and sportsmanship if anything. At a leading elementary school in Rego Park, Queens, New York – students are also learning about the evolution of board games throughout the decades. This includes popular titles like Monopoly and Scrabble, along with Connect Four and Battleship. As always, teachers monitor students to ensure fair playing, as well as preventing any problems or disagreements during events. In addition, these events are held after school – which is vital in not interrupting the child’s thought and learning patterns during class. With afterschool events, children have something to look forward for instead of just watching TV or playing games on the I-Pad.

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Planning an Event

There are several ways to plan fun and exciting activities for students of all ages. In fact, local community bulletin boards are vital in promoting school board game events and competitions. Working with school associations, teachers, and the PTA is also a great way to introduce new events for kids and students. Whether they love to play chess, backgammon, checkers, or even air hockey – there are so many options and choices available. At P.S. 13 in Corona, New York – students held an afterschool tournament consisting of board games, gymnasium hockey, and even waffle ball. The event was highly successful and helped unite parents and teachers from all over the area. If you are interesting in hosting or promoting similar events, simply get involved today.