Up is the new down when it comes to Event WiFi

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Wi-Fi is now a permanent staple in several establishments, including outdoor cafes and concert venues. In fact, it is as essential as toilets at local and regional events. According to many service providers, however, Wi-Fi is no longer just relegated to meeting the personal and individual needs of users. No truer is this than when it comes to event connectivity services – which are being geared towards interactive participation at events.

With event Wi-Fi, users are able to get involved in area events – while contributing via social media activities. This includes Tweets, along with Facebook and other social media platform posts. This helps generate an exciting buzz about certain events, while fostering greater participation levels and patronage. There was a time, however, when event participants wanted to know how fast the download speeds on their connections would be. This, of course, was for personal use like reading e-mails or browsing the web. Today, clients are now asking event moderators how much upload their Wi-Fi servers or lines have.

event wifiThis is vital in securing a true interactive environment – where event photos, tweets, and live videos by participants can be posted. This sudden change has resulted in a new reality – up is the new down when it comes to event Wi-Fi! Depending on the available bandwidth, users are able to interact within an open yet restrictive environment. This almost guarantees that the social media activities will be centered towards the event, as opposed to checking the weather or the latest sports scores.

A great example of this occurred at the recent One Direction film premier in London’s Leicester Square. A local event Wi-Fi company provided a network, which allowed over 4,000 screaming fans to Tweet about the band and movie. This helped get the word out, resulting in a startling 3.6 millions Tweets that revolved around a central hash tag. Based on the network usage and analysis, it was evident that the vast majority of the traffic stemmed from fan and press uploads at the event.

Marketing and generating buzz about events

using mobile phone on festivalsWith event Wi-Fi continuing to soar in popularity, event organizers are truly tapping into this burgeoning trend. This allows them to secure an interactive experience, where fans play key roles in marketing and generating buzz about events. It also establishes an integrated environment, which helps promote and hype up any music, sports, or social gathering.

Even with the “up is the new down” scenario, however, bandwidth still remains a constant issue. In fact, early events used no more than 25% of available Wi-Fi. With usage now soaring, these numbers are getting close to being around 50% now. Still, this trend will continue to expand for years to come.

When planning to host future events, organizers have to correlate their upload bandwidth based on the size of these events. This includes the number of people attending, along with securing a streamlined and centralized platform for high-density posts and uploads.

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